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  • Matt Lech

    Matt Lech

  • Josuel Plasencia

    Josuel Plasencia

    Co-Founder & COO at Forefront

  • Samer S Tallauze

    Samer S Tallauze

    Talented IT designer lead with experience who is highly motivated, creative, and versatile.

  • Samson Akweson

    Samson Akweson

    President/Ceo, Millennium Investments & Technologies Ltd,

  • CGI


    CGI was established to turn ideas into action by gathering global leaders to help confront the world’s most pressing problems.

  • Daniel M. Kowalski

    Daniel M. Kowalski

    Editor-in-Chief, Bender's Immigration Bulletin; Online Content Editor/Contributor, LexisNexis Immigration Law Community

  • Yogesh soni

    Yogesh soni

    stock market enthusiast . learner, books reader

  • Marcel Mata

    Marcel Mata

    Software Engineer | Comms Director obsessed with drum & bass, data motion, foreign policy, and food.

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